Located near Mansfield, Missouri         

We are a small family farm in the southern Missouri Ozarks that breeds quality Registered LaMancha Dairy Goats, Registered Navaho-Churro Sheep, New Zealand and California Rabbits, and Rare Poultry. We believe in raising each and every animal as natural as possible. All our animals are raised with love and dignity. Our LaManchas are bred to not only to be structurally sound and easy-keepers, but to milk well, be hardy and have superior health . Our Navaho-Churro Sheep are hardy and bred to maintain superior health, meat and wool on pasture. Our rabbits are raised to be lean, healthy, and have nutritious meat. All our Poultry are free ranged or pastured.  We only sell breeding stock that is a asset to the breed and meat that we are happy to feed to our own family.
                                                       Contact us at:                                                                        lilfarm2007@gmail.com
                                                                               or (417) 554-1208
                                                Loura and Ivan Linsenmann and Family